Waterboss: we filter everything!

water softener Waterboss buy price Kiev UkraineWater is the source of life, therefore its quality is of paramount importance. The liquid flowing from our valves does not always correspond to safety standards, because it is not a spring water, but collected from open reservoirs. Chlorine, which is traditionally purified by water, does not remove it from salts, harmful particles, heavy metals and carcinogens. In addition, chlorinated water does not benefit the body, causing an exacerbation of chronic diseases, provoking premature aging

In such a situation, it is necessary to buy a water filter. It is worth noting that bottled water - not a way out, because it is tasteless and lifeless.

Buy Waterboss? Sure, not a problem!

A water filter is a product that is more reasonable to buy in a specialized store. In Ukraine, the leader of this industry without exaggeration is Waterboss. Here you can consult, help with the choice, provide restoration, replacement and repair services, and conduct water analysis.

The Waterboss water purification system is the brainchild of an American company founded 60 years ago. The huge experience and stable demand allows the brand to be a leading player of this product segment for a long time.

water softener Waterboss buy price Kiev UkraineOn the Internet portal Waterboss available qualitative filters for water purification of any configurations and types. Goods and services are provided at an affordable price, as intermediaries are excluded from the marketing scheme - any water filter from Waterboss is sold at the cost offered by the manufacturer. Quality and operational maintenance of water treatment systems is carried out throughout Ukraine. Warranty for the products is one year. The water filter "Aquaphor" is a full member of the product line from Waterboss and the official representative of the brand in our country.

Waterboss Water Filter: Benefits

American water filters are unique in the complex approach to purification. What distinguishes the water purifier from Waterboss?

  • Multifunctionality. The purification system assumes softening of water, disposal of it from undesirable microelements, in particular manganese, and also deironing of water.
  • Compact. Three units are combined in an ergonomic housing, which greatly facilitates the placement and installation of a purification system.
  • Ease of operation. The main thing is to properly configure the electronic controller, otherwise the filter will perfectly handle the task.
  • Adaptation to local conditions. All the necessary tasks for the purification of Ukrainian water are successfully solved by Waterboss. Kiev or another city of Ukraine - everywhere the system works perfectly, because the filter is adjusted in accordance with the individual water indicators in a particular region.
  • Multipurpose use. If you need to buy a filter for an apartment, a water purifier for commercial use, a filter for a country house or a full house - all systems can be bought at waterboss.kiev.ua.

Consumables - tanks with ion-exchange resin and table salt, are also offered in our online store.

Waterboss: Commodity Diversity

water softener Waterboss buy price Kiev Ukraine

The product range is represented by softeners Waterboss 900, Waterboss 700, Waterboss 400 (microboss). In addition, complete solutions are offered: pre-filter + water purification system + reverse osmosis (or without the latter).

The most complete system includes reverse osmosis. Buy a similar complex is recommended for people caring for the health of the family. Prefiltration is a filter for coarse water, eliminating large undissolved particles - corrosive, silt, sand. Further, water is purified from heavy metals and salts, loses undesirable rigidity. Lastly, reverse osmosis is included in the work. This is the most perfect and complete membrane purification of water from all existing impurities.

"Aquaphor" Waterboss 700 and Waterboss 900 perfectly soften, purify and degrease water. Eliminate the stiffness indicators to 24.1 and 31.0 meq / l, respectively. Compactness, reliability, rapid regeneration offers the customer a system Waterboss 700. Buy a similar filter, like the other presented options, you can at a reasonable price for waterboss.kiev.ua. It will not rust us!