atoll filters

Atoll filters originate from TGI reverse osmosis systems, as can be seen when looking  at reverse osmosis systems in detail. Even the Atoll filters have an American footprint, they are equipped with replaceable Pentek cartridges. I do not know how the assembly of American filters was organized in Russia, but the quality of these atoll reverse osmosis systems, from the very moment they appeared on the Ukrainian market, remains invariably high. What I don't like about Atoll filters is the use of a combined cartridge - two in one, it is both a post-filter and a mini-filter at once. At the same time, the dimensions remain standard, respectively, the amount of backfill is less, and they have to be changed twice as often. Conclusion replacement of the combined filter in reverse osmosis systems Atoll A560E should be done once every six months. In the basic models of Atoll A550 filters without a mini-cleaner, the post-filter can be replaced every twelve months. By the good differences between Atoll filters and other reverse osmosis systems, it is imperative to mention simply gorgeous drinking water taps, large and in a modern design. Noteworthy is the high-quality automation and the classic placement of the O-rings on the flask glasses.

The disadvantages of Atoll reverse osmosis can be attributed to their high cost and interruptions in supplies to Ukraine.

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