Reverse osmosis Atoll

Reverse osmosis atoll uses American patents of TM Pentek in the production of its filters, Reverse osmosis Atoll buyso the quality remains at its best, despite the assembly in Russia. In fact, the reverse osmosis atoll is a classic reverse osmosis filter with a metal bracket, end seals in glasses, a reverse osmosis membrane with a capacity of 50 gallons per day TM Filmtec. An additional bonus is a chic drinking water faucet that immediately comes with an atoll reverse osmosis filter. At the same time, for an additional payment at the order stage, it is possible to choose a tap of a different color, i.e. not classic chrome, but for example bronze, black or white. But this point needs to be clarified with the manager of the online store of water filters at the stage of placing an order. The atoll osmosis storage tank is made of metal and has a total volume of 12 liters. The rest of the complete set of the Atoll reverse osmosis filter is no different from other brands, except that a set of good quality pre-filters should be noted, so these filters need to be replaced once every six months, which is pretty good for Kiev water.
Reverse osmosis Atoll priceAtoll reverse osmosis filters can be equipped with a pressure boosting pump, which is especially important for individual water supply, as well as a water mineralizer, while the post-filter and mineralizer will be combined in one housing, without changing the size of the combined atoll filter housing. Therefore, such a post-filter, also known as a mineralizer, is recommended to be changed after six months.

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